Xiaomi Smartmi Standing Fan 2S + Haribo bonbony pro Vaše ratolesti

Chytrý ventilátor od značky Xiaomi - velice tichý, hliníková konstrukce, spárování s aplikací Mi Home

Nyní vylepšený model 2S s integrovaným zdrojem!

Značka: Xiaomi
2 990 Kč 2 471 Kč bez DPH


Smart DC Frequency Conversion brushless Digital Motor , interpret the delicate changes in the wind

Smartmi 2s fan adopts high-quality DC inverter brushless motor , with sophisticated algorithm program to ensure the change spectrum of the blower , the curve is smoother , the  body feels more like natural wind , and at the same time , it is extra energy-saving and quiet.


7 lades design , large air volume , comfortable cooling

Compared with the traditional’ 3 fan blades’ and ‘ 5 fan blades’ the design of the 7 fan blades leaves cuts the wind group more finely , which reduces the impact of the block air on the face and makes the body feel softer . At the same time , the blade curvature is optimized, and the extremely low power consumption can also provide a strong wind capacity.


Smart Connect with Mijia APP,Support Al Voice Control

Using the Mijia APP , you can realize timed shutdown , shake head angle adjustment , ope  child lock , natural wind straight hair switch and more . At the same time support Xiaomi AI speakers , Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker mini and other voices only hole plum . You don't have to get  , you can have a tailor-made wind for you.



4 kinds of angles , 100 speeds wind adjustment

Available in 30 ,60 ,90,and 120 angles,you can choose to reduce the angle of the air according to the hot conditions ,or expand the angle to expand the air . The APP has 100  speeds that can be adjusted to easily find a more comfortable way to blow .

Note : Only connect with Mijia App could adjust the wind direction and the 100 speeds.


Breeze , Hot has gone

Lowest speed even no voice , comfortable and silent

Note : Noise 28 6db ( A ) , it's the noise of Smartmi DC Frequency Conversion Floor Fan 2s rate I speed


Fully enclosed cabin,Prevent dust from entering and further isolate noise

 High Quality aluminum alloy pillar

Aluminized surface of aluminum alloy ,more corrosion resistant



Weather resistant ABS material,More greater materials,anti-aging is not easy to turn yellow

Wiring in the base,Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel sheet is not easy to rust , and the regular wire life is longer.


More suitable height for sitting and lying down.

96cm height design,more comfortable for you.


Easy to Install like toy , cleaning anytime

Simple Structure simplify complex assembly procedures , make your install experience be.


Durable and energy efficient , can Keep Long-time working

DC brushless motor compared with the traditional AC fan , it can achieve long-lasting life

and energy saving.


Smartmi DC Frequency Conversion Floor Fan 2 Series

Smartmi DC Frequency Conversion Floor Fan 2S

Built-in lithium-ion battery pack,Support Cordless Using

Smartmi pc Frequency Conversion Floor Fan 2

No battery,Need to connect to the power